Digital Label Printing

What does digital label printing mean to you, the customer?

Zippy Labels has a state-of-the-art digital label printer – one of a handful in Gauteng. Our HP Indigo digital printer has 7-colour capabilities (plus white, violet and orange), which allows for an impressive colour gamut. It enables a quick turnaround time for any job – whether it be a digital labels print run of 500 000, or for 500. Thanks to advanced technology and ElectroInk, Zippy’s digital label printer is able to pump out large – or small – volumes of prints, with perfection.

Unlike with traditional flexographic machines, there is no human factor in digital label printing – the print job is identical for each run, as the machine lays down exactly the same amount of ink each time. Also, ink colour never varies. With digital label printing there is a greater consistency, and the quality of the end-product is much higher.

With digital label printing, what you see is what you get. The label designs are directly transferred from the design studio’s computers to the digital label printing machine. There’s no need for plates to be made (which minimises cost and saves time), there’s no wastage of material during the set-up, and there are no solvents used in the label printing process.

Due to the direct computer-to-printer functionality of digital, Zippy Labels can simply run a sample strip (consisting of about 10 labels) to the client. The client can then make changes if needed and give exact quality specifications. This is ideal for big product launches and runs, and labels can be tweaked for future runs, without a plate production outlay.

Another huge advantage of digital label printing is that variable label printing is possible. This means that a print run can contain a different set of information, numbers, barcodes or photos/images for each label. A custom label can be made easily to the customers’ specific requirements.

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